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Get more traffic. More sales. Through Affiliate Marketing

Hey it’s Heiko and i’m going to tell you how you can turn any product or service that you might have into an affiliate offer that you can bring into the national or even international market. And how you can generate traffic to that offer without paying for traffic. This can be applied to almost anything including health products, dating sites, food, software,membership sites, outdoor gear, apparel, engines, boats, electronics, cleaning solutions, flowers, roofs, landscaping services, consulting, construction. WHATEVER!

You might be wondering if your product or service can be turned into an affiliate offer that can be promoted on a national level.. You’re also probably wondering how exactly does affiliate marketing work in a way where you don’t have to pay for traffic. It’s important to have a proper web and email funnel in place to trace conversion points between different traffic sources. Without the proper tracking any money you are currently throwing at paid traffic sources such as google ads, facebook, social media marketing, and SEO is going into a black hole. Running these marketing campaigns can also be a whole job in itself and hard to manager for smaller businesses. As a business owner you should be focused on perfecting your sales system and delivering clients your product or service.With affiliate marketing you stop paying for traffic and start paying for leads generated by your affiliates.

Here’s how it works.
You create a lead capture form on your website, also known as a landing page. The purpose of this page is to turn traffic into a lead. Affiliates will be promoting this landing page so it’s important that it does a good job into getting the traffic to put in their information. You will then have a web and email funnel that turns that lead into a paying customer. When building your offer you can decide to pay affiliates on a ‘per lead’ base or on a ‘per sale credit card submit’. It’s important that you do a good job converting your leads into money, by being able to track all your conversion points you will be able to find the weak parts in your funnel and continuously be able to build a better system to get the most out of your traffic.

This offer that you build will need to be placed in a affiliate network. You could build your own affiliate network or integrate into an existing affiliate marketplace such as the Enzlo Network. The benefits of using our Enzlo’s Affiliate Network is that your offer automatically is accessible by our current affiliates, we help you integrate all the proper tracking to make sure everything is running smooth so our affiliates always see the best results possible. We handle the payouts of affiliates, this means when an affiliate promotes your offer and generates you X leads and makes you X dollars we handle collecting all our affiliates tax forms and sending them their payouts. Running an affiliate network in itself is an entire business so as a smaller business it can really help you save time integrating your offer into an existing affiliate network so you can focus on your product or service and not maintaining your affiliate tracking, payouts and affiliate support.

Once your affiliate offer is setup with trackable web and email funnels to convert traffic (arrow pointing at image 1) and tracking has been implemented with an affiliate network to properly track conversions sent by individual affiliates (arrow pointing at image 2) the fun part begins which is getting affiliates to promote your offer. There’s many ways to find affiliates. One great way to start is with business partners and friends. Have them promote your offer and get their feedback about what they like and don’t like about your offer. Forums in your niche is usually a great place to find affiliates. Reaching out to social media influencers in your niche make great affiliates. When your product is made public in an existing affiliate network such as Enzlo our affiliates automatically are exposed to your offer. We always notify our 4000+ affiliates about the release of new offers.

Chances are you’re still not 100% sure if turning your product or service into an affiliate offer is right for you. You can get on a call with us to find out if our Enzlo Affiliate Creator Program is right for you. We will talk about your business, the issues you are facing and the goals you are trying to achieve both long term and short term. We have a 5 week Affiliate Creator Program where we support and guide you with the information to help you turn your existing product or service into a offer ready for affiliate traffic.
On our call we will look over your business and see if it can benefit from affiliate marketing. If we don’t think the Affiliate Creator Program is right for you we will suggest other options that we believe will best achieve your goals.
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