Viral Marketing What to Expect in the Next 12 Months

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Spread the word! Viral Marketing is the fuel that drives your online business. Millions of websites consistently use some form of marketing. Some marketing strategies remain constant like blogging, article content, and emails. Backlinks and pinging your urls’ are still powerful.

You don’t know what Google or the other search engines will pull to stop bad SEO practices. The fundamentals of marketing remain the same. In this article I will outline 5.5 trends that will continue or manifest in the world of internet marketing for 2013 and into 2014.

1. Quality over Quantity – Being a jack of all trades and master of none will crush your business. The allure of affordable marketing methods can make business owners engage with any and everybody. Most people will not find your message appealing or suitable for them. Create marketing campaigns that will target your niche. Advertising your real estate brand into a sports forum is a waste of time and will annoy people.

Focus on your audience. Be a sniper and pinpoint your customers. Higher click through rates await the focused internet marketer. With so many marketing techniques out there, on so many platforms, it is best to concentrate on 1-3 marketing strategies. Master them and outsource the rest.

2. New Blogging Platform – Move over Word Press a new blogging platform is launching that will target affiliate, network, online marketers, and small business owners. This viral blogging system will launch with over 200,000 bloggers and offer 100% commissions with it’s affiliate program. Word Press is not a bad blogging platform but it is difficult to use for the newbie.

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