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Created on June 25, 2020 at 7:05 pm by Bob Wilson

Who wants to earn an income from working from home on the internet? I would hazard a guess that most people would say yes, especially during these Covid-19 times where jobs have been decimated. Is it easy to make a good living from home? My answer would be “No!” but looking at all the adverts that appear every day in my mailbox, they all seem to suggest that it IS easy. “Just sign-up for only $xx and you will soon own a Ferrari, and a yacht, and a mansion,” Okay, I just made that up, of course, but I’m sure you’ve seen similar ads.

Have I made a living from working online? Depends what you mean by “a living”, but yes, several schemes I have joined have earned me a respectable figure, enough to pay the bills and have a little left over. For a long time I made a few hundred dollars a month from EPN, the eBay Partner Network, where I would promote eBay listings on my website, on Facebook, or Twitter, and anywhere else I could find, and earn commission from eBay from sales made through my ads. Then, out of the blue, they banned me. My crime? I forwarded some domain names I owned directly to eBay listings. For example, “BlueRubberGloves.com” a domain name I owned but had not developed, I forwarded to an eBay listing selling blue rubber gloves. eBay banned me because a potential buyer must always KNOW in advance that he or she is being redirected to an eBay listing and must CHOOSE to click on that listing, not just be sent there. So, as my appeals went unanswered, I lost that income overnight. Moral, always be aware of the regulations on any scheme that you use, and stick to the rules!

Amazon is another platform I use regularly to sell books. Luckily I have a source of plentiful supply of such books, so I make a small income monthly from that. Nothing to write home about, and as I AM at home anyway, it would seem stupid to write to myself. But there is also the Amazon Associates program, where one can advertise on websites, Facebook etc, products sold on Amazon, and if a buyer clicks on those ads and buys something, Amazon will pay a commission to you. One example of a site that does that is As58.com, one of my own sites, where I am currently advertising masks, sanitizer and other products connected to keeping one safe from Covid-19. The program I use to create that site is NoveltySiteBuilder, which costs only a few dollars, one-time only, and I have found very useful.

As I build this site up, over the next few weeks, I will give reviews on, and recommendations for or against, various apps, programs etc that promise to make you money. In the meantime, I have populated the site with many YouTube videos on the subject.



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