Another mind blowing business offer positioned to give affiliates daily and constant profits in the cryptocurrency market/indust

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Bitclub Advantage: A business with multiple sources of income.
Are you tired of being stuck in MLM because of inactive downlines???
Are you tired of platforms which will only pay you after you have referred others????
Welcome to Bitclub Advantage. A business with *multiple sources of income*, Giving you peace of mind.

Where you invest and get *DAILY FIXED RETURNS* on your investment to the Tune of *300% ROI*
*Partner: $30 monthly returns $5.60
*Basic: $55 monthly returns $12.32
*Bronze: $109 monthly returns $29.70
*Silver: $264 monthly returns $74.50
*Gold: $514 monthly returns $149
*Premium: $1029 monthly returns $298.90
*Black: $2029 monthly returns $677.26
NEVERTHELESS when you choose to share the business with your friends and family the income potential will blow your mind!!!!

BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS EXPERTISE in the biggest and best financial markets of the moment such as Sport Trading and crypto currencies exchange. Our focus is to provide our affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets.

Bitclub head office is located in Brazil at International trade centre and also have office in UK. The CEO is named Alex Pereri

They have commissioned their office in Hongkong, UK, Germany, Spain, France etc, likewise in Africa, Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania, Ethiopia etc.

***** Reliability And Sustainability Of The Bitclub *****

1. They are into sport trading ( unless sport cease to exist in the whole world)

2. Bitclub has their head office in International trade centre in Brazil, also in UK, Kenya and very soon Nigeria office would be launched

3. Trading operations in Crypto Currencies

4. Bitclub partner with FIFA

100% of credibility, reliability and solidity in worldwide marketing


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