How To Make Money Trading | Stock Trading Platform Setup Guide [2020]

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If you want to be a successful day trader and make money trading stocks online, you need to be watching the best information possible. Knowledge and learning how to day trade stocks is the most important part of having success; however, when it comes to organizing your knowledge and displaying it to yourself so you can make the best decision possible, this is always a critical part of any strategy. In this video I want to give you a starting point guide of how to setup your trading platform to ensure you are paying attention to the information that matters most to us as day traders. This video will make the most sense if you watch the other videos referred to in the description section, but even if you don’t watch them, this video will give you a great idea of how you can setup your trading platform in a very user-friendly way to make you as efficient as possible. Learning how to make money trading is something all beginner and new traders should be looking to do, and this video will assist you in your learning process by showing you what information matters and how to organize that information to get your strategy creation a great start.

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