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“Hi, I’m John Colucci, VP of Sales and Marketing at Westchester Modular Homes. I’d like to talk to you about why a modular home from our company is a better quality product and value for anyone looking to build a new home.

We often find that the consumer perception about building a modular home is that we are using lesser grade material and that is why we are able to save the customer some money. In fact, we are using the same if not better materials than if you were to stick-build a house.

Just by its very nature we have to build the product stronger. As you can imagine we have to put the house on a flatbed, transport it over the highway, and when it gets to the site we’re actually going to pick up every individual piece with a crane. We lift them up in the air and set it on the foundation. So the homes are built much stronger than a conventionally built home.

As a matter of fact, what we really do in our factory is stick build homes. We just do it in a closed indoor environment where we’re not subject to the weather and materials aren’t getting wet or damaged on the job site. We can build fifty-two weeks a year.

Within the first two days of production we’ve got the basic floor and wall framing done with one layer of sheet rock already installed. Then the electricians come in and wire everything just as if you were stick-building a home.

By the time we get to the end of the production process; full Jacuzzi tubs are installed, shower stalls are in, kitchen cabinets are in, the kitchen sink, the faucets, all those types of fixtures are installed before we leave the factory.

We’re also a very green manufacturer. So over the past several years we’ve been putting in spray-foam type insulations when someone is looking for a LEED Certified Home or a high energy efficient or Energy Star Home. We can install the spray foam insulation in a single dose to give them that extra insulation value.

In six short days at the factory the home is complete and ready for transport to the job site. Once the home is set on the foundation we’ve effectively cut the typical construction time in half.

Our affiliate, Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County is a turn-key custom builder that handles every aspect of building your dream home in a better, quicker and smarter way.”


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