The Key to “Word of Mouth” Marketing and Creating Your Own Affiliate Power Team

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I’m a big advocate of growing your business by building a powerful referral team. In fact 25% of my business revenue comes from affiliate sales!

Another way of putting this is getting your fans and customers who already love what you do to help promote your great offerings.

There’s nothing more powerful than having other people tell their friends why they should buy from you or grab your new book or program.

So that’s why I’m really pumped that I’ve convinced Brett Owens, founder of LeadDyno affiliate software to hold this live webinar training with me.

We will show you exactly how to setup and power a “word of mouth” marketing program that will ensure you grow your business significantly.

You don’t even have to sell yourself, and best of all this strategy requires no up-front costs.

Here’s what you’re definitely going to learn:

– The power of having an affiliate program to grow your business beyond just you
– How to structure your affiliate program to get the most new leads and sales
– What commissions you should pay people to turn them into loyal affiliates
– How you can automate your tracking and payments to save you valuable time
– How to keep your affiliates engaged and motivated so that they sell your products for you month after month.

If you truly want to learn about how word of mouth marketing can sky rocket your business then watch this webcast now.



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