Zack Franklin: 7 Favourite Tricks of 8-Figure Sellers – ScaleForEtail London, Feb 2019

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Are Big Sellers running rings around you? Are Chinese Sellers taking over your niche?

Well…we’ve flown in the guy from China who teaches them how to!

Meet Zack Franklin.

Originally from Detroit but now based in Shenzhen, Zack was senior manager at an Amazon company that sold for $1bn and is now involved in multiple businesses in the e-commerce space. Zack is CEO of AMZKungfu, an 8-figure seller in his own right, a well-reknowned business coach and presenter at more than 70 e-commerce events including Affiliate World Asia, Global Sources, and Cross Border Summit.

In short, Zack is the secret weapon of the Chinese eCommerce giants.

Zack is well known for bridging the gap between affiliate marketing and Amazon, driving massive amounts of “ready to buy” external traffic to Amazon and e-commerce sites. He has cracked the code on paid traffic for sellers worldwide, generated millions in sales and more than 20,000 reviews in the past year.


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